CLPP is a non-profit organization established in 2007 to develop and promote sound and safe policies to slow, stop, and ultimately reverse the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and ensure that vulnerable communities are protected from climate impacts that cannot be avoided.

CLPP's work focuses on domestic and international climate policy. In particular, CLPP concentrates on "action policies" -- market-based policies that direct expenditures by emitters towards driving actions that cost-effectively achieve emission reductions. As the name suggests, action policies focus on spurring action to reduce emissions. Given the urgency of the climate challenge, what is needed now is action.


March 2018 -- CLPP publishes an article on how pricing carbon and using some or all of the proceeds to provide strategic, cost-effective subsidies could achieve deeper, faster emissions cuts than a conventional price alone, in the Environmental Law Institute's The Environmental Forum.

July 2017 -- CLPP releases its new white paper showing the potential power of a "price-and-subsidy" approach to help states take climate leadership and spur much larger, much faster emission reductions.